Congratulations graduate! Now that you are ready and geared up to enter into the working environment, we have created a step-by-step guide that shows you how to get a job.

But before we get into the steps, let’s first discuss the types of graduate jobs you can typically encounter.


Graduate jobs typically require a degree for entry. For example, you won’t find (and wouldn’t trust) a doctor without a degree from a recognised institution. Additionally, law and accountancy careers require degrees.


There are also graduate schemes and graduate trainee jobs, which help to develop the skills of new employees. 


In addition to graduate jobs, there are also internships, which are great for if you have not graduated yet, and entry level jobs that no not require extensive experience and may not require a degree.


So if you’re looking for graduates jobs with no experience, an entry-level job would probably be your best option. If you manage to build up suitable experience, you may be able to enter into marketing, IT and management careers without a degree, amongst others. 


1. Begin with some introspection

The journey you’re about to embark on can be a difficult one. However, before you start looking for graduate recruitment opportunities,  it is useful to take some time to think about. Make sure you’re about to head off in the career direction that you really want. 

Additionally, think about your strengths and weaknesses. Would your career path be a good fit for what you’re capable of, and would you enjoy it?

Doing some deep thinking will help you be mentally prepared to find employment. Finding job vacancies for graduates is challenging, so be as ready as you can be.

2. Set your online profiles up

Today, the majority of recruiters search and screen their candidates online! Prepare your social media platforms to best represent your professional aptitude, career goals and personal interests. 

You can do this by selecting a social media platform that will best representing your industry capabilities. For example:

  •  Twitter is a fantastic platform for budding journalists, PR and Communications Grads to boast your copywriting and general knowledge skills. 
  • Instagram is the perfect platform for wanna-be art directors, graphic designers etc. 
  • However, everyone should have a  LinkedIn account is up to scratch (list your top skills and have your Grad team and lecturers endorse your skills). 

Then begin networking and connecting with people in your industry.

3. Update your CV and portfolio

It’s very important for your CV and portfolio to stand out amongst all the other candidates searching for graduate recruitment. Read our tips to help yours be the best!

Don’t forget to include your relevant experience! It will be more difficult to find graduates jobs with no experience. Highlight what you attained in your previous role(s). 

4. Begin searching for graduate jobs 

Now that you have cleaned up your social platforms and have your CV and portfolio ready, you’re ready to begin your graduate jobs search! Finding that perfect job is a game of keywords. 

Research your ideal role and potential companies! Often corporate companies offer programmes or graduate trainee jobs; research these opportunities, and note their lists of required skills and competencies. 

You can find more job search tips here.

5. Develop your skills if needed

Have you noticed you need a little bit more experience or insight to stand out from the pool? Why not add a few short courses to your resume; we highly recommend you try out Google’s FREE Online Courses.

6. Apply for potential graduate jobs

This process takes time, patience and resilience as it may often involve a bit of rejection! We recommend you take good care of yourself during this part of the process, eat well, get good rest and exercise often to release those feel-good vibes.

7. Prepare for the interview

Yay, you scored an interview! Now what? Begin by researching the company culture, look at the current employees, their dress code and how they interact with one another – try and emulate this in the interview. 

Try not to sabotage your interview by avoiding these NO-NO’S.

And think positive! Remember, the company you applied to is looking for graduate recruitment! You just have to convince them that you’re the graduate they need.

#DidYouKnow our team of qualified Talent Managers are specialised in helping you highlight you’re unique attributes that help you stand out from the crowd?!

Get in touch with our team and set up an appointment and they will help review your CV and add you to our #TopTalent talent pool!



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