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Jan Van Dyk from Key Recruitment recently assisted me with a placement at the Rotolabel Cape Town. I would to Thank Jan for his encouragement, professionalism, attention to detail and his excellent customer service.


Jannie, thank you for all the years of working together. We’ve employed a lot of guys here! From juniors shop floor level up to senior managers.

We have always had good candidates and most of the guys are still here. It’s been really great working with you and hopefully there will be many more years to come!

Ruben Brandt from Plastic Containers

It has been my pleasure and privilege to serve so many wonderful clients in the 35 years I have been working at Key Recruitment.

Allan Pike – Managing Director

I have worked with many recruitment agencies and I can say with out doubt that working with Heather and Key Recruitment was the best experience I have ever enjoyed from recruiters.

Top Rope


We do not subscribe to the hackneyed expression – “our people are our most valuable assets” – simply because assets are bought and sold and exploited for gain.
We believe emphatically that “your people are your business” and therefore we remain committed to the deployment of top quality recruitment practices in service to clients.


Through an established collaborative network of HR Practitioners whose essential purpose resonates with our own, we are able to offer comprehensive people centred Management Consulting and Executive Coaching services.


The Key Recruitment Group is a multi-disciplinary Recruitment Service company, particularly skilled in the placement of Management, Technical and Graduate personnel across a wide range of industrial and commercial enterprises.

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